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"Klarity has made it easy to focus on my startup instead of legal obstacles."

Omid Karkouti

CEO, Perception Therapeutics

"As a lawyer, I'm really impressed with how accurate this is!"

Bryant Lee

CEO, Cognition IP

"Klarity is the best legal software I have ever used. It was extremely simple to use and quickly provided helpful comments on an NDA. I just went to the website, uploaded the NDA, and then downloaded the document with comments added explaining most of the provisions and noting which ones are non-standard."

David Gobaud

CEO, Passfolio

About Us

Klarity reviews any Non-Disclosure/Confidentiality Agreements ("NDAs”) in PDF or Word format.

Klarity searches for red-flags and compares your NDA to the market standard. Klarity highlights important language in your NDA in green, yellow or red. Sections of your NDA that are not highlighted are boilerplate provisions that do not require your attention. After you’re done reviewing your NDA, you can e-sign it immediately.

Usually there are no red-flags and you can e-sign the NDA through Klarity instantly. In the rare case there is a red-flag, Klarity helps you remove the damaging language and gives you the arguments you need to convince your counterparty.

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